Celebrate Recovery: A Christian Approach to Addiction

The celebrate recovery program is a 12-step program for Christians that are trying to handle addiction. When it comes to handling any type of addiction there are going to be scriptures that are going to be vital to the recovery process.

When it comes to addiction there are definitely going to be different ways for different people to handle things. There certainly are a lot of possibilities to discover, but Christians have an approach that is different from other recovery from addiction programs. A large part of what Christians will do is pray and fast.

In many instances Christians will take a look at the characteristics that Jesus possessed when he was on Earth. He was tempted many times, and the temptations made him weaker, but he did not go to the temptations that were at hand. Many Christians look at this as an example to follow when it comes to creating a much better life for themselves.

In order for people to get beyond the addiction that they have in their lives they will really need to consider the benefits of self discipline. This is something that Christians have to pay attention to. It becomes easier when they are able to read the stories of those that had to have some form of discipline down through the years. This would definitely make it much easier to build a higher level of self-discipline for their own issues.

Christians also spend a lot of time praying when they are trying to get away from their addiction. This can be helpful along with meditating because it allows them to put their mind on something else other than what they are addicted to. When they are trying to get beyond an addiction one of the best ways that they can do this is by finding another focal point.

If a person is able to simply stop themselves from doing a certain thing on a regular basis they will find that it is easier to break this bad habit. This is essentially all that an addiction is. It is a bad habit that a person has not been able to break. The good thing about addictions in Christianity is that there are always others that are willing to support and pray for their friends that may be struggling with addiction. This definitely changes the outcome of any type of situation where people are trying to move beyond the habits that they have acquired.

The Celebrate Recovery 12-step program highlights these types of things like prayer and meditation through different scriptures. People that are engaging in these programs will discover that it is going to be much easier to get away from the addiction when there are scriptures to help you focus your mind on something that is different.

Christians believe with the recovery program that they should take inventory of where they went wrong, and they should also make sure that they are God centered when they are aiming to get beyond their addiction.

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